Laboratory environment

2018-10-15 13:53:05 216

The company is located in Kunshan High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, China and Germany Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Park, the existing facility area of more than 1000 square meters, the establishment of a complete quality management system for drug clinical research and laboratory management guidelines in line with the analysis of biological samples for drug clinical trials, with international standards, the first-class domestic experimental facilities. It is equipped with the world's leading testing equipment and analytical instruments. The laboratory is divided into 9 functional areas: test/standard room, reagent/consumable storage room, sample storage room, nitrogen chamber, central control room, archives management room, reagent configuration room, sample processing area and detection and analysis area, with API 6500 QTRAP, API 4000, Shimadzu HPLC, nitrogen generation system, Shante UPS, medical cryogenic chamber, medical treatment and analysis area. Centrifuge, medical refrigerator, ultra-low temperature refrigerator, liquid phase extraction device, solid phase extraction device, independent temperature and humidity monitoring system and other high-end equipment.

"Biological Sample Standardization Testing Center Platform Construction" Project won the 2017 "Made in China 2025" pilot demonstration award of southern Jiangsu urban agglomeration.

In June 2018,  passed the interlaboratory quality assessment of the national pharmacokinetics laboratory in 100%.